The benefits of an NFC business card

Touch of the future

Finally after a long wait, we’ve received our brand new NFC business card. Wait! What? Hold on a second. What do we mean NFC?

Yes, you read that right, business cards nowadays can be printed with a little twist…or tap.

Kalman Szabo NFC Business Card

And you will love it!

There are several reasons why we recommend and support this brilliant idea:

  • It’s modern: Future-ready solution for forward-thinking businesses.
  • It’s wireless: You can share information without the risk of potential partners losing your business card.
  • It’s Eco-friendly: As a business in the 21st century, the more paperless the better – it’s good for the planet!

So, how does it work?

During the print process a programmable nfc chip is embedded in the business cards. If you want to share your contact details or other information, you can tap the business card on an NFC enabled device – these days, most smartphones and tablets have this technology.

Once you’ve received the business cards, you can change or add different triggered actions like sharing the digital version of your business card, social media channels, promotional landing pages and macro sites.

List of actions:

Make a digital business card with all of your important information

  • Add any web link
  • Promote your app
  • Share your social media channels

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